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Work in Progress Wednesday: Gentleman Pajamas

I’ve been kind of neglecting my blog lately.  I also noticed I’ve barely taken any pictures this month.  I’ll have to make up for it this weekend.  Can’t have a month without a few baby bear pictures.  How will I make my cheesy calendars for next year?  (what you may or may not know is that I made extremely cheesy calendars for the house and my office full of Indie pictures for each month). 

In the spirit of decluttering the house, I’m trying to complete projects with materials I already have and boy do I have a lot of materials.  I have fabric, buttons, trim, patterns, yarn and thread galore.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m considering having some sort of online yard sale/please just take this stuff for free extravaganza.  no more real yard sales for me and I don’t want to just take all this stuff to goodwill.  But for now I’m trying to pick out the things I really want to make and get sewing/crafting.  I’m finding that my excess of crafting stuff is starting to cause me stress.  The total opposite of what I want crafting/sewing to do.  So I need to just make what I want and get rid of the rest.  No more Joann’s for me until I’m ready to work on one project at a time.  I think that needs to be my creative approach considering the amount of time I have to create in life.  I need to be smart with my creating.  I shouldn’t waste time creating things I’m not completely in love with because of what little amount of time I have to squeeze in those precious few hours of being creative.

First I’m making some gentleman pajamas for the bear. I had a couple of yards of black flannel laying around so I started this project Sunday while Indie took a nap.  I finished the pants and I’m about half way done with the shirt.  I will be finishing the shirt up tonight most likely. A fun little project.  I do enjoy sewing for my little man. It’s probably a bit morbid to make a straight black set of pajamas for an almost two year old, but I think he will look rather dignified.  I also sometimes refer to these types of pajamas as his little don draper pajamas.  I think I’ll be making more of these for the coming months as Indie looks adorable in them.

A peek at a finished project for you.  I had some dishcloth yarn hanging around so I decided to go old school and easy with my knitting right now and make some dish cloths.  Knitting dish cloths has a special place in my heart as they are the very first thing I learned how to knit and the only thing I knew how to knit for quite some time.  My Grammy taught me how to knit them when I was probably 8 or 9 years old.  Definitely not in the double digits yet.  I still have that very first pair of size 8 knitting needles that she gave me.  So sentimental.

Well I’m off to do not creative work and think about coming home to clean and then create.


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WIP Wednesday: A Little Boring

I’m a little boring this week.  I don’t really have any works in progress to share.  I’m out of town this week working so my whole life is consumed by work.  Probably my biggest work in progress this week is a overly detailed project plan for work.  So if you find Microsoft Project and scheduling this exciting, then you would be interested.  I’m a giant dork and I find both of those things exciting so I’m not minding this work project.  Why can’t I just be in charge of project plans and nothing else?

I have a couple of new knitting projects planned to shop for this weekend.   I really want to make a crazy dorky little vest like this for Indie so that’s on my list.  I can’t find any good patterns for this exactly so I think I’ll try winging it and seeing what happens.

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WIP Wednesday: Shoveling Out

This is my work in progress for today: the driveway.  This is what the driveway looked like this morning.  awesome. We’re only half way done hence the work in progress.

I’m thinking about breaking up with Wisconsin.  I mean seriously this is getting ridiculous.

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WIP Wednesday (one day late)

Woops!  Forgot to make this post yesterday!  I’m feeling really off this week and super tired.  Today I’m going to spend a lot of time in front of my happy lamp and hope that kicks up my spirits a bit!

I have been in the knitting mood lately!  I keep thinking oh I’ll sew, but then I always find myself snuggled on the couch knitting and maybe watching True Blood (again) or one of the many movies Eric has on hand from Netflix (last night we watched the A-team, which was a fun action movie where things blow up without any reason really).

So, I already made one of these little owl hats, but I made it in a goldenrod yellow, which is quite pretty, but if you recall, my hair is a bit of a golden blonde.  Sooooo not as much contrast as I like when I wear hats.  If anyone wants a pretty goldenrod own hat, let me know.  It’s just sitting on my dresser right now feeling neglected and would like a nice new home.

I’m using this pattern: Who?

 Sometimes I go to the fancy yarn store to get yarn and usually it’s glorious and sometimes I’m making a hat and I realize I don’t need super fancy yarn and that Joann’s works for me! So for this hat I’m using Bamboo Ewe (debbie stoller’s line of yarn) in Eucalyptus. The yarn is actually lovely and I got it for half off.

 Blue is always a safe colour choice for me.  Always has worked and always will regardless of what colour my hair is.  However, sometimes I like to be daring and I end up with yellow.  Maybe I’ll make some yellow arm warmers, it should work as long as it’s not too close to my face.

I’m currently stopped at this row, because the next row requires detailed concentration so I’ve been waiting to quickly knit that row when we’re not watching a movie.  Can you see how the owls are forming with the cables?  The next row makes their little faces so there are lots of purls and knits that are out of the ordinary with the cadence of this pattern.  I feel like I’ll have a finished hat to show you in the next day or two!

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WIP Wednesday

Thought I would share something other than a crafty work in progress this week.  I am working on pre spring cleaning.  I don’t really feel like spending any of my spring cleaning the house so I’m doing it in advance.  We’re stuck inside anyways so why not?  I already took care of our closet, but there are plenty of other storage spaces that need to be organized.  I decided that I should start with those spaces so there would be additional room to move other items into that need to be put away.

This is my sewing/craft closet.  It lives in the guest bedroom which used to be my sewing room.  But that room is right next to Indie’s so I discovered that I couldn’t sew during his naps because I was afraid I would wake him up.  So we moved my sewing downstairs to the exercise room, but left my stuff in the closet upstairs because I have way too much of it.  Anyways this closet ends up being a bit of a catch all.  What you can’t see is the other side of the closet that is just stuffed with junk.

This is what I started working on last weekend, but it was during Indie’s nap and I of course woke him up.  So this should be finished this coming weekend while Indie is not napping. 🙂image

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Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday

Okay so I decided to make Wednesdays work in progress days.  I will share with you what I’m working on.  It may be knitting or sewing or a various house project, etc.  You just never know! This will require some planning ahead on travel weeks, which I did for this week!

This week I’m sharing a knitting project.   It’s not anything too exciting.  Just a scarf of sorts, depending on how long it ends up I’ll either attached the ends and make an infinity scarf or find a fantastic vintage broach to wear with it.  Basically the appeal is that the yarn is amazingly soft.  It’s so cozy!

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