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moving, moving, moving

No not to Portland (yet anyways) but I bought today!  So that’s where I’ll be blogging from here on out.  So all two of my readers should update their bookmarks. 🙂


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Mom’s blog

Mom asked me to link her blog here today so she could get to it tonight.  I’m not supposed to ask questions.  So here’s the link for you mom

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Top Baby Blogs Voting

Hey Kids,

I thought I’d sign up over at top baby blogs.  If you’d like to vote for me, click the link below or you can click on the top baby blogs button on the right.

Voting Link

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Bags are packed


Home sweet home is in my near future

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The Year 2010 in Review

I’ve seen a few blogs doing a 2010 in review and I thought I would jump on board. 🙂 

January 2010

I started the year by breaking up with junk food.  That didn’t last long. I set some goals and directions.  I actually didn’t do too bad on those, thanks to my mom coming to help out with the house.  The little bear turned 10 months old.  I gave up a few things at work to try to get to a more positive place.  Indie went to his first swimming lessons.  We finally bought cabinets for the kitchen.  

February 2010

Nana came to visit and we organized the house and went to swimming lessons.  I fell out of love with Tuesdays. Eric reminded me that we live a decadent life due to the 12 different kinds of vinegar I discovered while going through the kitchen to get ready for remodeling.  A can of soda exploded in my car (please note I did not learn anything from this and recently had a whole case of sparkly water explode in the van).  Indie got his first runny nose.

March 2010

We were still working on the kitchen remodel and Eric pulled out all the kitchen cabinets. There were signs of spring in the air, always a sigh of relief after a long wisconsin winter. Our little bear turned 1 whole year old!  And we had a birthday party! We said goodbye to March and hello to April.

 April 2010

I had a minor undocumented breakdown, but here’s where I tried to think positively about life. I spent about 2.5 weeks traveling and away from my boys.  I sent them to TN, where they picked up the worst tummy virus ever, which I got later.  Yuck! The farmer’s market started again. I went vegetarian.

May 2010

We had a yard sale.  It was not worth it and I will just be taking stuff to goodwill from here on out!  We put out the little bear’s sandbox. I discovered the joy of bento. We finally finished the kitchen! I admitted to keeping beer on the back porch (this doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes).  I realized I might be a sort of hippie.  Indie found his first fort. (also still suffering from undocumented break down). 

June 2010

I discovered the book The Happiness Project. Indie had his first ER visit, a trip to the ER and our tree fell down in the backyard. I went blonde!  Indie modeled his hatsfor us.  Seeing light at the end of the undocumented minor break down, a certain change brought much relief.

July 2010

I got a new camera! Indie and I had fun at the farmer’s market and eating ice cream.  Indie worked on his fitness. We went on vacation with Nana and Pops to Madeliene Island.  I came home to a work crisis. 

August 2010

I decide it’s time to get serious about losing weight and exercising. Little bear started day care and I pondered how much he is growing up.  I get ready to be away from the boys for another two weeks. A little piece of undocumented information, this past August I worked the most hours I ever have ending up at working 393 hours in one month.  Ridiculous!  But we survived, we always survive.

September 2010

I get home sweet home from my 2 weeks away. We decide to embark on another home improvement project and put in new flooring in the basement.  bye bye ugly blue carpet.  We had fun at the park and at Oktoberfest.  The little bear turned 18 months. I started Lindsay vs Baby Weight as a regular segment.  

October 2010

Nana came to visit us twice this month.  We went to the pumpkin patch and got three pumpkins (which by the way I actually got rid of this year rather than letting them rot away on my porch.  I still have several old ones out there though).  I started the couch to 5K program to see if I could actually manage running. 

November 2010

I finally posted about halloween, woops!  Just a little behind! We had a super silly saturday! It’s time for friend’s thanksgiving and an undocumented thanksgiving vacation to visit and parents and sister in TN.  

December 2010

We had holiday cocktail party. I made a pom pom wreath with creepy vintage deer. My sister turned 30 and I posted slightly embarrassing pictures! I started the What Indie Wore posts.   I met my goal of running 5K woohoo.  I celebrated by immediately deciding to work harder and train for a 5K, I started a new blog See Lindsay Run to keep track of that moving forward. I turned 28 and entered the ranks of the true hipsters when Eric bought me a turn table for my b’day.  I have an undocumented Milwaukee adventure that I owe you a post on.  We had a very Merry Christmas

All in all when I look back at it, 2010 was a good year.  There were some rough patches, especially in the beginning and the spring.  Mostly undocumented because who wants to read that?  I’m already making plans for 2011, but that will be a different post.


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Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas from our house to yours!

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