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Portland Day 4

Day 4 we decided to go across the river and check out the east side of Portland.  We also loved this side of Portland.  We did a bit of vintage shopping although we didn’t buy anything.  I enjoy the idea of vintage/thrift shopping but ultimately I’m always grossed out by the germs and never buy anything plus feel like I need to shower immediately after being in a thrift store.

I have decided that I would like to live in this purple house. Or really I’ll take almost any house as long as it’s in Portland.


We went to House of Vintage and these are some pictures from inside.  I really enjoy the cat picture on the right.image

Madnesss!  It’s a hoarders dream!image

Eric said this shirt totally reminded him of the 80s and he could totally picture this shirt tucked into some nice white jean shorts.  Oh that Eric!image

We headed to the Rogue brew pub for dinner.  Had some delicious beer and headed back to the hotel.image

I had forgotten to mention that we went to two fantastic diners for breakfast, The Original and The Roxy.  The Original was modern and had lots of vegetarian/vegan options on their menu.  The Roxy has been around since the 70s.  It definitely had more of a hole in the wall kind of feel but was fantastic!


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Portland: Day 2 and 3

Days 2 and 3 I’m blogging about together because day 2 we decided to make our way over to the Pacific Ocean.  Only about 1.5 hours away.  It was supposed to rain a bit in Portland and Pacific City, our destination.  What we failed to think about being from Wisconsin is that there were several mountains between us and the ocean which were covered in snow and snow was still falling.  At that point we decided that we didn’t fly over from Wisconsin to drive in snow so we turned around and decided to check out the Pearl district and Powell’s books.  The picture below is from one of the rows of books there.  It’s so huge!  Our only wish is they had more used books.  Otherwise you’re still paying full price for books, which Eric and I say no thank you to. We had a lovely lunch at a the Deschuttes brew pub and had a nice dinner at Jake’s Seafood.

Day 3, we finally made it to the ocean! A much nicer drive over the mountains.  I have many more pictures, but will do a different post once I get home and have unpacked the camera. The picture below is from my phone.  We had a lovely lunch at the Pelican Pub and then drove back Portland.   The mountains and forrest were so beautiful as well.  image

We had a low key evening and went out for a lovely dinner.  So far we’re really enjoying that it’s like 40 degrees here and we can walk everywhere.  I don’t want to go back to the winter in Wisconsin!  There are blooming flowers here and other such loveliness.

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Portland Day 1

Eric and I are taking a vacation in Portland this week. I’m awake way too early this morning due to time difference so I thought I would do a quick post about our day yesterday.  We flew out of Madison early in the AM and got to Portland around noon.  No major travel delays which is always nice. 

Here are the sexy bus stops in Portland complete with monitors for upcoming bus times.  Madison thinks in it’s this, but it’s really not.image

Just a quick picture snapped outside our hotel.  So modern and fancy.  Our hotel is so pretentious, it’s fantastic.image

We had dinner at the most bazaar place called Mummy.  We were the only people there except for the two egyptian guys who ran the place.  We’re pretty sure it was some kind of front as they seemed surprised to have anyone come in for dinner.  But the food was great and they had fantastic hummus.image

We didn’t do much else that was exciting.  Although I did buy a new Betsey Johnson dress.  We were pretty beat from traveling.  The plan today is to drive out to the ocean for the day.  Tomorrow is exploring the Pearl district and Thursday is still up in the air for now.

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Home, home, home

I’ve probably posted something similar to this on numerous Thursdays.  I love Thursdays because usually that means I’m on my way home.  For the most part I am used to traveling for my job and I have for the most part comes to terms with the fact that traveling is part of my job.  I try not to think of it too hard.  I try not to think of little moments I miss at home.  Anymore anyways.  I used to think about it all the time and I used to feel guilty about it.  But I choose to do this job which means I choose to have a job where I travel for work.  I don’t travel all the time and sometimes I don’t travel for several months and sometimes I’m gone for several weeks straight.  But I have a good job that allows us many opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise.  My job is challenging in several ways and I appreciate that.  (If you knew me at this time last year, you would have never guessed that I would say this about my job again, but I found a way through to get back to liking it).

But there is nothing like going home (especially on the earlier flight so I get back to Madison at 6:40, what what!!)

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Surviving Winter Travel

 This is my sixth winter travel season with my job.  I have been through all sorts of terrible weather so believe me when I say the best way to prepare for surviving winter travel is to chill out and bring along your sense of humour and tissues for the occasional tears that you may shed in frustration or laughter. 

This week was my first encounter this season with winter travel.  Upon arriving at the airport at 4:30 AM yesterday I discovered that my flight to Chicago had been cancelled due to the fact that American had no flights come into Madison on Sunday. So, I hopped in a taxi to catch a bus to Chicago in hopes of catching my connecting flight.  I got to O’Hare at 8:15 AM, my flight was scheduled for 8:55AM and in a freakish bit of ORD not messing up, it was not delayed.  However, I did get stuck behind a mom and her two teenage princesses in the security line so it took longer than usual.  I did manage to get through security by 8:40.  So I ran to my gate and arrived at 8:45 to discover they had shut the gate a mere minute to 2 before and I couldn’t board.  WHAT?!?! Cranky pants because I was up at 3AM and had yet to have breakfast.  Luckily I now had time for a leisurely breakfast as the next flight I could get on was at 11:50.  So I had my greek omelet breakfast and orange juice.  Then I stopped to look at the departing flights again and my original flight was listed as delayed until 9:45.  For serious, they had to let me on the flight so I went back to the ticket counter and tada on the flight!  Please note I went through the many stages of winter traveling dealing with it during this time.  Stage 1: sadness and tears, Stage 2: general frustration, Stage 3: anger, Stage 4: acceptance and joking around with the people around you who are in the same shitty position, Stage 5: defeated and just wanting to sleep somewhere, anywhere.

This was the end of my airline travel fun.  All in all not nearly as terrible as I have encountered in the past, but I do have one other weird thing that happened to me.  I checked into my hotel that evening and got my room key, then I went up to my room opened the door and found that someone else had already been given that room!  Oh that poor man.  It was so awkward.  I was like OH they gave me this room and key and I’m really glad nothing really awkward was happening and left.  So lesson learned, always use the additional latch that prevents the door from opening just in case.

There’s currently no additional snow in the forecast for my travels this week.

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Madeline Island – Post 6 (final)

Alas tomorrow I must go back to the real world of work.  It’s not even a pleasant “hey let’s tip toe back into the water and get used to it kind of week.” oh no it’s full on “hey Monday afternoon you have to travel hours away from your baby” kind of week, but at least it’s only until Wednesday evening instead of through Thursday evening.  I’ll take that positive note! 

Anyways, this post is just full of random bits that didn’t really have a good place in my other posts or would have made them way too long.  I could separate them into different posts, but then my posts would take more days than my vacation and that just doesn’t seem right to me.

First are pictures from the garden next to the croquet course.

I found the timer to turn on the fountain!

These flowers look like ballerinas to me.

Uh oh, gargoyle isn’t so scary with his legs chopped off!

Next we have the round of sunset pictures.

This is from our second night on the island.  You can see the ferry going across to the mainland.

I am looking for an inspirational quote for this one.

We put Indie in the sunset picture.  Didn’t quite work out as planned, but hilarious with the tongue sticking out.

Couple of random pictures from the town park.

This is the lagoon.  It’s really quite pretty and the water is the colour of sweet tea.  Not sure why, we theorize that there must be a lot of iron.

Mommy loon and baby loons.  These guys were quite entertaining.  The mommy loon would dive under the water and all the babies would follow.  Then you would start to see the babies pop back up to the surface one by one, then the mommy would come back up and they would start all over again.

The next set of pictures is where Indie schools us all in how to be a baby model.  They for realz need to do an America’s Next Top Model Baby Boy edition, because he would so win.

Warming up with this one.  Please note how we so dressed him appropriately in the baby beater, rolled up jeans and no shoes.

So emo and mysterious as he looks down contemplatively.

Strong, I know what’s going on over there stance.

Peaks around the corner to help solidify that I am the cutest baby ever.

Oh this kid is too funny!

I already have these being sent to me to hang in my office at work.

And that’s the end of the vacation photos/stories.  We had a great time. I especially enjoyed having no access to the interwebs and I ignored my phone for most of the vacation.  Fantastic!  Now back to work!

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Madeline Island – Post 5

It’s a good thing Eric brought his activity shorts and we brought the activity baby because we did a lot of activities on our vacation.  It was quite a bit of fun.

The cabins we stayed at had an amazing croquet course set up that reminded me of alice and wonderland.  So we of course had to go play some croquet.  It seems that croquet might a bit of an island past time as we saw many croquet games during our stay.  Not just at our cabin, but next to the bars, on Raspberry Island, etc.

Here’s mom and Indie on our way to play croquet.  Indie is ready for action with that hat and those shorts! One thing I haven’t really mentioned yet is how terribly awful all the mosquitos were.  We got swarmed on our way to playing croquet.  It was pretty horrifying.

Here’s the croquet field.  I wanted to wear a ridiculously puffy dress to play croquet here.

In case you were wondering, no it’s not really helpful to have a 16 month old running around while you’re trying to play croquet. He kept stealing the balls.

The croquet winner! 

The croquet field was connected to a really beautiful/creepy garden.  I’m not including any of the pretty pictures here, only the creepy ones.  Here’s a creepy lady statue. Her dress is supposed to be filled out with vines, but they’re all dead.

Here’s the grave of their dead poodle Dolly.  I just don’t think you’re public garden that you advertise should also be your pet cemetary.

Next activity was canoeing.  The town beach had canoe rentals for 10 bucks a half hour so dad and mom couldn’t resist.  We tried to get Indie to just sit in the canoe on land, but he wasn’t having it.

Nana and her Indie!

Then the boys did some canoeing.  You can see who is doing all the hard work on this trip.

We spent some time at Tom’s Burned Down Cafe, the only real bar with character on the island.  It’s fantastic.  I’ll post other pictures in the next post of the actual bar as words cannot describe.  Here’s pops and nana hanging out with Indie outside.

Indie making an amazing face….

Nana and Pops with Indie inside of Tom’s Burned Down Cafe (or as much of an inside as there is to this bar).

Nana and Indie at the bar ordering up some drinks.

Best wheat beer I’ve had in a while plus Nana and Indie.

Here’s some of Tom’s Burned Down Cafe.  It’s hard to capture the craziness in pictures.

I stole this picture from my mom.

Here’s Tom’s from a distance.  None of it is “inside”, there is a tent, but that’s it.  Also, part of it is held up by an old car.  And there are signs all over.  It’s pretty great.

I think I only have one more vacation post after this one.


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