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Friday Link Love: Belts

I realized what’s been missing from my wardrobe that I really think would help bring some outfits together for me: belts!

So here are some links to some fabulous belts.

Industrial Grey Leather Muse Belt

Necktie Obi Belt


Hawk Belt Buckle

Holla Belt Inspira

Waist Pack by Happy Cow

 I really really want one of these waist packs.  Seems like it would be so handy with the kiddo.


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Friday Link Love: Home Decor – Tacky Animals

I’ve recently found that I’m loving the look of tacky animal home decor.  Okay it’s not actually that tacky, but it’s not really sophisticated either.  Regardless I need some of this in my house!  I’m sure you’ll be able to see a trend that I blame this current obsession on Anthropologie.  Also, check out Elizabeth McGrath’s other work.  Her art is so interesting.


Gazelle bust from Anthropologie

Rustic romp taper holder from Anthro (I wish this wasn’t almost $600)

Rustic rabbit taper holder

Various animal hooks from Anthro


Savoy by Elizabeth McGrath

Titanic Buffalo by Elizabeth McGrath


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Friday Link Love: Vintage Inspired Web Design

I adore vintage items.  I wish I was better at using vintage items in decorating our home.  Maybe after I finish organizing the house that will be a good project, hunting for the perfect vintage this and that to finish off the rooms.

But let’s talk about slightly more contained spaces with vintage inspired web design.  It’s beautiful.  Someone should be awesome to me and make me a place to host my blog that is as lovely as some of the places I’m linking out to or maybe I should learn how to do it.  Shanny – call me for that joint adventure you talked about before Haiti. 🙂

Here are the links:

Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets

FourtySeven Media – based in Knoxville, small world!

Hipstery – mystery t-shirts ooohhh exciting!

Jeff Sarmiento – web designer

Style for You – fashion and more!  Not in english, but it’s pretty

Singularity Concepts – more web design!

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Friday Link Love: Mustaches

Mustaches are very hip right now.  Almost as hip as bacon or maybe more or maybe the same.  Anyways, check out these fun mustaches from some fun etsy shops!

Mister Numbers


Mustache Collection

Mustaches on a Stick

Mustache Mug

 I really want the mustache mug for work.  I may have to pick on up!

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Friday Link Love: Knitting

I’m feeling very knitty lately.  I actually finished a hat the other day (will post pictures soon) and I have started another hat for the bear.  Here are some other items that I see happening in the near future.

1. Owl hat:  this is actually the hat that I just finished.  I made it in a golden yellow. 

2. Raspberry Beret:  I plan to actually make this in raspberry so I can sing Prince everytime I wear it.  That should really be exciting for Eric. 🙂

3.  Owl Sweater: I really love owls!

4. cloudy:  This one I want to make for the spring/summer

Winter is so perfect for knitting.

On a side note, I’ve realized that my mid week inspiration and friday link love are basically the same thing so I’m going to do something else on Wednesdays, just haven’t decided what yet.

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Friday Link Love: New Year’s Eve Dresses

I don’t really like going out for New Year’s Eve (so I’m not and haven’t in years), but if I were going out (preferrable to a somewhat fancy event, but still hopefully only full of good friends and people I specifically like because who wants to start the new year with drunk strangers?) here’s the selection of dresses I would consider wearing.

1. City of Lights Dress from ModCloth

2. Crimson Intentions Dress from ModCloth

3. Peony for Your Thoughts Dress from ModCloth

4. Sing Sweetly Party Dress from Anthro

5. New Year’s Tweed Dress from Anthro

6. De Chelly Dress from Anthro

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Friday Link Love: Future Projects

Link love today is about projects I have been scouting out and really want to make.  I’m thinking one or two of these will be made in the next weekend or two.  Hope you enjoy and are inspired!

I heart this little bat finger puppet.  How cute is he? (image links to the tutorial)

This cute little fox lamp from matsutake (image links to tutorial)


This Grandview bag.  Struggling with getting a picture link so you’ll have to click on the link to see it!

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