Portland Day 4

Day 4 we decided to go across the river and check out the east side of Portland.  We also loved this side of Portland.  We did a bit of vintage shopping although we didn’t buy anything.  I enjoy the idea of vintage/thrift shopping but ultimately I’m always grossed out by the germs and never buy anything plus feel like I need to shower immediately after being in a thrift store.

I have decided that I would like to live in this purple house. Or really I’ll take almost any house as long as it’s in Portland.


We went to House of Vintage and these are some pictures from inside.  I really enjoy the cat picture on the right.image

Madnesss!  It’s a hoarders dream!image

Eric said this shirt totally reminded him of the 80s and he could totally picture this shirt tucked into some nice white jean shorts.  Oh that Eric!image

We headed to the Rogue brew pub for dinner.  Had some delicious beer and headed back to the hotel.image

I had forgotten to mention that we went to two fantastic diners for breakfast, The Original and The Roxy.  The Original was modern and had lots of vegetarian/vegan options on their menu.  The Roxy has been around since the 70s.  It definitely had more of a hole in the wall kind of feel but was fantastic!


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