Portland Day 1

Eric and I are taking a vacation in Portland this week. I’m awake way too early this morning due to time difference so I thought I would do a quick post about our day yesterday.  We flew out of Madison early in the AM and got to Portland around noon.  No major travel delays which is always nice. 

Here are the sexy bus stops in Portland complete with monitors for upcoming bus times.  Madison thinks in it’s this, but it’s really not.image

Just a quick picture snapped outside our hotel.  So modern and fancy.  Our hotel is so pretentious, it’s fantastic.image

We had dinner at the most bazaar place called Mummy.  We were the only people there except for the two egyptian guys who ran the place.  We’re pretty sure it was some kind of front as they seemed surprised to have anyone come in for dinner.  But the food was great and they had fantastic hummus.image

We didn’t do much else that was exciting.  Although I did buy a new Betsey Johnson dress.  We were pretty beat from traveling.  The plan today is to drive out to the ocean for the day.  Tomorrow is exploring the Pearl district and Thursday is still up in the air for now.


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