Lindsay vs. Baby Weight

ugh must get back on track.  This is a good week to do so as I will be in town all week so it’s easier to avoid restaurant food except that we went out to eat twice this weekend.  oops.  But we had fun!

I did make a menu for the week so hopefully that will help.  I’m also planning on 1 or 2 cleanse days this week. 

Here’s the workout plan for the week:

  • Mon – run 1/2 hour
  • Tues – run 1/2 hour; strength 1/2 hour
  • Wed – Kinect Your Shape
  • Thurs – run 1/2 hour; yoga
  • Fri – run 1/2 hour; strength
  • Sat – none
  • Sun – none

Without the focus of the couch to 5K or marathon training, I haven’t been as awesome with working out.  I think I need to create a quarter marathon training plan so I have something more structured to work with.  Otherwise I just tend to avoid. Ah good habits are hard to establish.


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  1. bernadette hoyt

    true…its easier to stay motivated when there are physical events to train for. im sure the madison area has plenty of 5k runs….commit to a few dates and start training for them. i’m excited about using all the fun workout stuff you have when i get there!!

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