Lindsay vs baby weight

Oh I have been questionable at my goals the past couple of weeks, but I feel like I can make a difference this week and next before vacation.  I am on the road this week so it’s all about careful planning and discipline.  Starting with making some smart room service choices for this evening.  I have tons of work to catch up on due to sitting on planes all day so I need to buckle down.  Plus I need to build in time to get a quick workout in.

The one bonus for traveling this week is that really beautiful weather is expected this week in Jackson.  Here’s a little view from my hotel room taken with my run retro camera app on my new phone.  It’s probably my fave app ever!

Hope you enjoy your week!image



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One response to “Lindsay vs baby weight

  1. bernadette

    do enjoy the look of your pics lately. oh….the south is warming up so enjoy it!!

    yeh…my car is in the shop and we are running on one car and haven’t worked out in a few days….

    oh your dad is listening to the video of indie and animal sounds….i must go see it!!

    bye bye!!

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