WIP Wednesday: A Little Boring

I’m a little boring this week.  I don’t really have any works in progress to share.  I’m out of town this week working so my whole life is consumed by work.  Probably my biggest work in progress this week is a overly detailed project plan for work.  So if you find Microsoft Project and scheduling this exciting, then you would be interested.  I’m a giant dork and I find both of those things exciting so I’m not minding this work project.  Why can’t I just be in charge of project plans and nothing else?

I have a couple of new knitting projects planned to shop for this weekend.   I really want to make a crazy dorky little vest like this for Indie so that’s on my list.  I can’t find any good patterns for this exactly so I think I’ll try winging it and seeing what happens.


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One response to “WIP Wednesday: A Little Boring

  1. bernadette

    adorable…he may need some shades to go with!!

    microsoft projecting….yada yada yada….hmmmm!!!

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