Lindsay vs Baby Weight

It was a bad week for progress.  Let’s just say you can’t drink as much beer as I did this week and expect to lose any weight.  But rather than give up, I’ll just carry on!  Hoping I can make it up this week while onsite.  I have a plan.  I have breakfast covered so no temptation to get fattening breakfast.  Lunch will likely be veggie delites from subway.  Dinner is the biggest issue, but I’m planning to be too busy for long sit down dinners so I should be able to do salads most nights.  I’m planning to be too busy because I plan to do some extra exercising while onsite since I won’t be missing family time in the evening by doing so.  Let’s hope this plan works out!  I plan to repeat it next week while onsite.  Then one week at home and then Eric and I are taking vacation so I’d hope to at least feel like I did a good job for a few weeks before that.

I will defeat you baby weight and then before baby weight!


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