Mini Goals for February

I have some larger over arching goals in life that you all are probably sick of reading about. 🙂  So instead let’s talk about mini goals that feed into those larger goals.  I thought about what items would help me achieve those larger goals and what’s really holding me back.  I came up with two things in particular that stick out to me that waste time and money. 

1. Weekend shopping.  I used to really love weekend shopping and wasting a whole afternoon at the mall and spending way too much money on clothes from H&M and Forever 21.  However, I’ve noticed in the last few months that this doesn’t really bring me much joy anymore.  It’s kind of like I’m doing it just because now it’s force of habit or it’s an easy way to get Indie out of the house and not to have to think too creatively on what to do on snowy weekends (which could include things like oh go outside even though it’s cold and snowy because a little bear needs outside time).  So, for February there will be no frivolous weekend shopping.  I’m allowing myself grocery shopping and necessary shopping like if i need some organizers for a space in the house I’m trying to contain clutter in.  I’m also trying to ban myself from Target unless completely necessary.  I can’t seem to leave that store without spending ridiculous amounts of money on unnecessary items.

2. Too much interwebs time.  I spend at least 8 hours a day in front of a computer at work and I’ve noticed that for years now I spend every morning waking up on the interwebs and then I spend a portion of the evening on the interwebs.  Now I will not ban myself from interwebs use because I love writing this blog, I do love facebook and I love reading my favourite blogs.  So I’m giving myself 1.5 hours of extracurricular interwebs use every day.  I can use it in the AM or the PM or both, just I have to stop after 1.5 hours.  Maybe this will make me more efficient and use something like google reader for reading my blogs.


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One response to “Mini Goals for February

  1. bernadette

    i agree with the shopping thang…i only go if i need something and make a list for the week and stick to the list but will stray for a sale if it’s within budget and it’s within reason and need.

    now i do enjoy your blog research …cuz you find things i enjoy and would never find on my own…so continue on with the blog thang! i personally enjoy and look forward to you sharing your interwebbings…altho i do respect your decision and understand the reasoning…but want you to know i will miss some of your findings!

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