I would feel better list

I LOVE and I can’t really express how much I LOVE, but I LOVE lists.  I’ll make a list for damn near anything.  And more importantly I love to cross things off of lists.  I think it’s something to do with visually noting my accomplishments throughout the day.  Hardly a more fantastic feeling.  I’m not picky about how my lists are created, they can be on a scrap of paper, in a notebook, a word document, a google document, a task list in Outlook, etc.  Probably my bigger problem in life is too many lists.

I know you’re probably thinking, well Linds, you must be so organized and get everything done and have a perfectly clutter free space.  This is what many people think who have not been to my office at work or my house or been in my car.  I’m generally awesome with organizing my work time, but not awesome at my personal time or space.  However, those things are still written on a list.  That’s a whole different post about getting motivated, but I actually am getting to writing about a very specific list I made this week.

Do you ever realize that you have unnecessary anxiety and stress because of things that are really important to you and you’re just not doing them?  Oh procrastination always rears it’s ugly head when it comes to something I really need to do.  I think it’s some sort of unconscious rebellion or fear of failure (I am a self detrimental perfectionist). 

I made a I would feel better list and on that list I put all the things that if I did them or asked for help with doing them, I would feel better.  It’s a little list of all my current baggage.  Then for each item, I put in a little step by step plan or at least the next 3-4 steps if it’s a longer term goal.  Really this took like 10 minutes.  It’s just laying it all out on the table with here’s what I’ve been avoiding or what I want to do but can’t seem to wrap my head around the next step to do.  Everything that’s weighing you down.  It’s quite refreshing and instead of naming it a to do list or high priority items or must happen, call it the I would feel better list is motivating.  Every time i look at that list I say, yep if I would do one of these items I would feel so much better.  So i can avoid and work on something that seems more “fun” in the moment, but carry around this anxiety and stress or I could take one step that’s on this list.  I don’t have to finish anything today, but just one step towards one of these goals.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  So far it’s already going good and I’ve accomplished a few things.  I do have 3-4 really long term items on there like finally take my GMAT and apply to business school to get an MBA.  That’s not going to happen next week.  But next week I could schedule my GMAT for later in the spring/early summer and come up with a study plan.  Ah steps in the right direction!

I’m considering this part of my personal happiness project.  I haven’t posted much about the happiness project in a while, but since the beginning of the new year I’ve been thinking what would make me and my family happier?  I’m not looking for any quick fixes, but more long term items.  Day to day, we’re pretty happy, but what would make us even happier?



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3 responses to “I would feel better list

  1. as part of my workshop the other week we had to take an index card and write out our 5 essentials…5 things that we need everyday to make us happy and fulfilled (exercise, sleep, family time, reading a book..etc)…thought I would share in case you wanted to make another list that was more of a day to day one 🙂

    I too LOVE lists…and can I open your world up to an amazing thing… http://www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist/

    its free and you can make all sorts of lists on there…I have a house list, studio list, email list, to call list, etc…very fun!

  2. purposefulchaos

    ooohhh I like that program. I can’t wait for them to get a droid app!

    I’ll have to think about what my 5 things to do daily that would make me happy list should be.

  3. bernadette


    I LOVE THEM!!!

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