Lindsay vs Baby Weight

I have been very excited to make this post because I finally finally hit one of my goals and lost 15 lbs.  This took me considerably longer than I wanted, but I think that instead of beating myself up over that I’ll just celebrate 15 lbs gone! 

I mentioned last week that I switched back to tracking my food from weight watchers.  Well I am using the same account that I started with at some point last year.  The weight tracking on that site is what made me realize um hello you are losing weight and every little bit you lose week by week adds up.  You don’t need to lose 20 lbs all at once, but if you lost 1-2 pounds a week it really wouldn’t take very long to see that change.  So all these little movements down really did add up to 15.  So I will take those little movements downward in the scale.

Last week I did bring my lunch with me every day and only went to the cafeteria for one day.  Hurray!  I attribute that as a factor in reaching my 15 lbs last week. 

This week I plan to repeat that same food goal.  Bring my lunch to work.  Only hit the cafeteria 1 day this week. 

My exercise goal this week is just to exercise.  I’ve been very bad with exercising lately so my goal this week is just to do something exercise related for a half hour every day.  I just have to move purposefully for a half hour daily.  Shouldn’t be that hard!

Overall weight goal is to hit 20 lbs lost!  woohoo!


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  1. bernadette


    your process is realistic and life changing instead of drastic then relapsing!!!


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