Indie’s Art

Indie is a bit of a renaissance toddler.  Not only does he enjoy “reading” and “cooking” and building towers, but he also has an eye for art. 

Here’s the little artist at work.  As you can see he has his own methods of creating. 


Since Indie has started going to daycare, he regularly comes home with art projects.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of throwing them away so I have been collecting a pile of projects.  I decided to put them all in one of the many scrapbooks that I have bought and never actually put anything in.  Seems like the best use possible for those books as I have realized that I don’t want to spend my time scrapbooking.  It always seems likes work to me.  So, perfect for filing away art projects.  I add a few little details of fun paper and such when it seems appropriate.  I’m hoping that this is something that Indie will enjoy helping with when he gets just a little bit older.

Here’s the little window on the front of the book.

This is Indie’s fall and winter work for this year so far. 

I love that little spider!  I very much love Indie’s art work that is made out of little hand prints.

Turkey lurkey season.


Snow bunnies.  I love the snow bunnies!  I think there are some additional christmas art pieces in one of the cars that I need to dig out.

Clearly this little guy was not going to fit in the book.  This is Indie’s first sculpture.  It’s a snowman.  kind of a creepy snowman.

In the spirit of staying organized at home, I started to notice a good deal of clutter that was directly related to Indie’s art supplies (which I keep buying him in hope of fostering his artistic nature.  I’m totally fine with him  being an artist and living in our basement when he grows up).  Here are all his art supplies tucked away in an art bin that I bought at Joann’s today (on sale for half off in case you’re looking for a solution to your art supply problem).


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  1. bernadette

    love the fact that you have indie’s art captured in a book …great job!! ah…how could he not be creative!! so he is showing signs of being left handed like his nana??? while you are gone…i am going to show him the joy of stickers!!!

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