Friday Link Love: Vintage Inspired Web Design

I adore vintage items.  I wish I was better at using vintage items in decorating our home.  Maybe after I finish organizing the house that will be a good project, hunting for the perfect vintage this and that to finish off the rooms.

But let’s talk about slightly more contained spaces with vintage inspired web design.  It’s beautiful.  Someone should be awesome to me and make me a place to host my blog that is as lovely as some of the places I’m linking out to or maybe I should learn how to do it.  Shanny – call me for that joint adventure you talked about before Haiti. 🙂

Here are the links:

Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets

FourtySeven Media – based in Knoxville, small world!

Hipstery – mystery t-shirts ooohhh exciting!

Jeff Sarmiento – web designer

Style for You – fashion and more!  Not in english, but it’s pretty

Singularity Concepts – more web design!


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One response to “Friday Link Love: Vintage Inspired Web Design

  1. bernadette

    very cool. and i see it inspired your profile pix, which is a great pix!

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