WIP Wednesday (one day late)

Woops!  Forgot to make this post yesterday!  I’m feeling really off this week and super tired.  Today I’m going to spend a lot of time in front of my happy lamp and hope that kicks up my spirits a bit!

I have been in the knitting mood lately!  I keep thinking oh I’ll sew, but then I always find myself snuggled on the couch knitting and maybe watching True Blood (again) or one of the many movies Eric has on hand from Netflix (last night we watched the A-team, which was a fun action movie where things blow up without any reason really).

So, I already made one of these little owl hats, but I made it in a goldenrod yellow, which is quite pretty, but if you recall, my hair is a bit of a golden blonde.  Sooooo not as much contrast as I like when I wear hats.  If anyone wants a pretty goldenrod own hat, let me know.  It’s just sitting on my dresser right now feeling neglected and would like a nice new home.

I’m using this pattern: Who?

 Sometimes I go to the fancy yarn store to get yarn and usually it’s glorious and sometimes I’m making a hat and I realize I don’t need super fancy yarn and that Joann’s works for me! So for this hat I’m using Bamboo Ewe (debbie stoller’s line of yarn) in Eucalyptus. The yarn is actually lovely and I got it for half off.

 Blue is always a safe colour choice for me.  Always has worked and always will regardless of what colour my hair is.  However, sometimes I like to be daring and I end up with yellow.  Maybe I’ll make some yellow arm warmers, it should work as long as it’s not too close to my face.

I’m currently stopped at this row, because the next row requires detailed concentration so I’ve been waiting to quickly knit that row when we’re not watching a movie.  Can you see how the owls are forming with the cables?  The next row makes their little faces so there are lots of purls and knits that are out of the ordinary with the cadence of this pattern.  I feel like I’ll have a finished hat to show you in the next day or two!


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  1. bernadette

    this is a rockin pattern….and the color is fantastic! and the yarn does look very comfy. this is the time of year for some yarn fun. you need owl wristlets and leg warmers.

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