Books, Books, Books, We Love Books

We really love books in our house.  We’re are constantly running out of book shelves and plotting where we should put a bigger one in the basement den.  Eric love historical books and is constantly reading something about the ancient Romans or Greeks.  I wish I were so scholarly but alas I am a fan of memoirs, cooks books, craft books, biographies, somewhat questionable fiction and probably most embarrassingly self help books and being better at your job/business books.   I just like to read about other people’s lives and am constantly looking for inspiration for my own.  Books are my friends when I travel.  Sitting in airports and on airplanes, there’s nothing like a good book to take your mind off the situation, plus it’s easier than booting up the lap top and since a book isn’t electronic, I can read it during take off and landing.  Now my new phone does have the Kindle app and I have enjoyed that as back up for when I unexpectedly finish a book early and have nothing to do while traveling.

All of this leads exposition leads me to a little Indie fact for you.  Our little Indie does not have a stuffed animal that he’s obsessed with and although he likes his particular blanket for sleeping, he won’t be upset if you take it away, but there are 3 little books that this child would carry everywhere with him if we would let him.  He’s obsessed! In general he’s just obsessed with books.  They are his favourite thing to play with.  He flips through the pages and “reads” the books out loud.  He loves the Llama Llama books and knows the pages where the little llama is getting upset or happy and changes his tone of voice to represent.  It’s so cute.  So following in his mom and dad’s footsteps our little bear is a book worm.


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