Lindsay vs Baby Weight

Well, in my two weeks away, I managed not only to not gain weight but I also lost some weight.  Yay! But then I was very naughty with eating this weekend, but I have until Friday before I weigh in so there’s time to recoup the damage.

This week my plan is to bring lunch to work with me. I am allowing one day of not so I’ll see when friends are free to go to the cafeteria.

I didn’t work out at all last week due to work crazyness, lazyness and a terrible cold/allergy combo thingy that kept me from breating through my nose.  Nothing is sexier than when you have to breathe through your mouth and workout.  No one wants to be next to that person in the workout room. 🙂 This week I get to workout in the comfort of my own home so I can be as unattractive as necessary.  Probably going to take advantage of having my kinect and do my personal training workout on there for the week.  Otherwise probably try to get in a day or two of running.  I have the quarter marathon in May, but for the moment I’m not focused on training for that I’m more focused on getting in good habits.

In other weight loss related items I did start tracking online with Weight Watchers.  I don’t like the meetings it’s too much stress if I didn’t lose any weight and then in my own weird way I start to rebel against them and stop trying, but I think if I do it online and on my own I’ll be better.  So far it has really helped with being onsite especially.  That’s really the hardest because we go out to eat ALL THE TIME! Mainly because there is no other choice.


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