Weekend Fun

The bear and I had a good weekend.  We spent lots of quality time together and he was in such a good mood!

We went swimmy swimming on Saturday morning and did a bit of grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.  I love Trader Joe’s.  Of course I always buy way too much there that I did not plan to buy.  I was able to stock up on some more quinoa.  I was out, it was almost tragic. 

Sometimes when I’m gone for a few weeks in a row, Indie gets a little mad at me, but this time he has been all lovey dovey and slightly possessive of me.  He’s also become very good at attaching himself to my leg as I’m trying to walk around.

Anyways, Saturday was pretty low key but the bear was mostly smiles.  We had the occassional angry outburst, but not too bad.

Today he was in an even better mood. He woke up and played for a while and then we went on a Sunday outing.  We went to Joann’s to pick up some more yarn and then we went to the mall to play in the indoor play area.  Ah wintertime…  Indie ran around and played.  At one point a little girl walked over to me and Indie ran over, climbed in my lap and said mine.  Me and the little girl’s dad had a good laugh.  Ah two year olds!

Then we had lunch at the food court. Indie was so sweet and kept making the cutest sweetest little smiley faces at me.  I gave him a little wink oh and it was so adorable as he tried to wink back.


Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for Eric as he went over to some friends’ house to “watch” football.  This is how much football watching Eric and I do – we assumed that since people were being invited over for football watching it surely must be the superbowl.  Um, false.  It was not the superbowl.  Oh funny.

Indie made a bee line for the cart with the car.  He does love to pretend drive.  He was soooo tired at this point that I didn’t get any hassel from him at all when it was time to get out of the car.image

Then we came home and Indie took a nap and Eric was gone.  The house was so very quiet and although I love both of my boys with all my heart, it was fantastic to have a couple of hours of silence.  When I am traveling for work, those weeks are full of constant input so it was nice to get some quiet time today.  Then Indie and I had pizza for dinner and watched Beauty and the Beast.  I’m not sure why, but he loves that movie, which is fine by me because I love that movie.  We both laid on the couch and snuggled.  Indie watched the movie and would occassionally “read” his book to me. 

So sad the weekend is over, but I am in town this week so that’s a plus!


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One response to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette

    ok…i need instructions as to how to work the grandtelly…indie and i will need to watch some movies while you are gone. you do have a great selection!!

    i love the fact that indie loves to shop and…so we shall do while i am there. i think we shall explore some library time..some indoor gym time…maybe ikea…park time…and children museum . he may not have time for daycare!!!

    tell indie …nana is coming..hohoho!!

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