Little Bear

Can you believe my little bear used to be this little?  He still seems so small yet so big.  We have officially entered toddlerhood/no more little baby for a while now, but I still sometimes forget he’s not still this little tiny baby.

Toddlers are little emotional roller coasters.  We get more sincere cuddles from him, but at the same time are pushed away equal amounts as Indie tries to figure out who he is as a person.  We get cute little surprising words like “circle” and “uh oh” but along with that we hear lots of “mine” and “no” from the little bear.  Actually the “no” has been a welcome change from random baby anger 🙂 .  Indie’s current favourite words is “bye bye”. 

Very soon Indie will be turning 2 years old.  It’s hard to believe.


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  1. bernadette

    oh he is the cutest darn toddler!!

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