WIP Wednesday

Thought I would share something other than a crafty work in progress this week.  I am working on pre spring cleaning.  I don’t really feel like spending any of my spring cleaning the house so I’m doing it in advance.  We’re stuck inside anyways so why not?  I already took care of our closet, but there are plenty of other storage spaces that need to be organized.  I decided that I should start with those spaces so there would be additional room to move other items into that need to be put away.

This is my sewing/craft closet.  It lives in the guest bedroom which used to be my sewing room.  But that room is right next to Indie’s so I discovered that I couldn’t sew during his naps because I was afraid I would wake him up.  So we moved my sewing downstairs to the exercise room, but left my stuff in the closet upstairs because I have way too much of it.  Anyways this closet ends up being a bit of a catch all.  What you can’t see is the other side of the closet that is just stuffed with junk.

This is what I started working on last weekend, but it was during Indie’s nap and I of course woke him up.  So this should be finished this coming weekend while Indie is not napping. 🙂image


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  1. bernadette

    wow…. are you pregnant or something?? you are out organizing me….go linz!!

    i just got indie some cute material for a pillow and blankie. and i am making him a cute little monster. it will be fun to see you guys….soon!!!

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