Lindsay vs Baby Weight

Well, last week while traveling not only did I manage not to gain any weight or even just maintain, I actually lost weight.  I was pretty excited.  My goal this week is to see if i can repeat that on this trip.  I will be further south, which equals more fried food, but I’ll see what I can do.  I switched to tracking my food to weight watchers online.  It’s just easier than the other programs I’ve tried using.  The real key is to actually use it consistently.  So far so good.

Goals this week include tracking food intake every day, stay within points, exercise half hour a day, and to make the best choice possible when going out to eat.



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2 responses to “Lindsay vs Baby Weight

  1. woohoo! Good job! I lost 2 pounds while in Haiti which was surprising because they love their fried food there!

  2. bernadette

    great job girlie girls!! keep it up…salads…lean proteins…fruits …grains and sweat!!

    i am back into my routine this week….i haven’t exercised in 10days … so need to get moving tomorrow. linz …. i was wondering about the little gym in belleville….if they would let me pay for a week or daily?

    your dad counts calories online also….he says it’s very helpful. he is using livestrong/lance armstrong ….free app on his ipad.

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