Home, home, home

I’ve probably posted something similar to this on numerous Thursdays.  I love Thursdays because usually that means I’m on my way home.  For the most part I am used to traveling for my job and I have for the most part comes to terms with the fact that traveling is part of my job.  I try not to think of it too hard.  I try not to think of little moments I miss at home.  Anymore anyways.  I used to think about it all the time and I used to feel guilty about it.  But I choose to do this job which means I choose to have a job where I travel for work.  I don’t travel all the time and sometimes I don’t travel for several months and sometimes I’m gone for several weeks straight.  But I have a good job that allows us many opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise.  My job is challenging in several ways and I appreciate that.  (If you knew me at this time last year, you would have never guessed that I would say this about my job again, but I found a way through to get back to liking it).

But there is nothing like going home (especially on the earlier flight so I get back to Madison at 6:40, what what!!)


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  1. bernadette

    put on your ruby shoes and click three times…

    there’s no place like home…
    there’s no place like home…
    there’s no place like home…

    be safe 🙂

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