Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday

Okay so I decided to make Wednesdays work in progress days.  I will share with you what I’m working on.  It may be knitting or sewing or a various house project, etc.  You just never know! This will require some planning ahead on travel weeks, which I did for this week!

This week I’m sharing a knitting project.   It’s not anything too exciting.  Just a scarf of sorts, depending on how long it ends up I’ll either attached the ends and make an infinity scarf or find a fantastic vintage broach to wear with it.  Basically the appeal is that the yarn is amazingly soft.  It’s so cozy!


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One response to “Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday

  1. bernadette

    it feels soft just looking at it! love the color…it’s even soft looking. i think the infinity scarf with a brooch would be knitfabulous!

    lena and i are making her new doll some clothes today. we are doing the lindsay way ….make our own pattern and sew away!!!

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