Lindsay vs Baby Weight

Okay I’m moving these posts back here.  Every time I think I’ll make a blog specific to this one thing, I end up not liking it as much and find it more motivating to post on this blog. 🙂

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve done alright on the exercise front and for the last week I actually did pretty good on the eating healthier front.  Still not awesome, but baby steps.  I made one change in my goals and that is that I decided to go for the quarter marathon instead of the half.  In training time it was just more realistic for me to train towards six miles than 13 because I just don’t want to take the time it would take to do longer runs in training.  I’m okay with the length of time of the actual race, but I have limited free time and I need to consider carefully what I plan to do with it.  But I did already register for the quarter marathon in May and for the warrior dash in September.  I feel like I have appropriate time to train for both.

I also bought  Kinect and several of the workout games.  So far I’m quite enjoying it and it’s a nice change of pace for days when I don’t want to run, but still want to get some exercise. 

This week I’m out of town so I will try to get some longer runs in because there’s no baby bear or fabulous husband to hang out with so I don’t mind taking the extra time.  I’m shooting for at least a half hour of exercise a day Monday through Thursday probably mostly running perhaps a bit of yoga.  Then Friday I’ll probably do some Kinect in the AM and weekends I play by ear especially since I’ve really been into organizing the house.  I will likely choose that over exercising for a while.


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  1. bernadette

    that was me too….i don’t have the time to spend 2hrs at the gym training for 1/2 marathon and my body with the arthritis was brutal. so i changed up my training ….into more cross training so i am not using the same muscles/joints and my focus is more for hiking the AT. my body and me are much happier.

    the warrior dash in wisconsin is still appealing…. even on the sidelines.

    and …life must be fun!! balance balance balance! ps….your closet rocks!!

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