Weekend Fun

We had a fairly low key weekend.  It was lovely. 

Friday night I met up with my friend Jayme.  We had some dinner at a little italian place in Verona and then proceeded to go next door to the yarn shop for some slightly buzzed light night knitting.  (The bar tender decided he liked us and gave us a free glass of wine each due to a wine pouring mishap.  Prior to this I was not buzzed…).  Jayme bought us coffee so we could drive home after knitting.  I had a fantastic time and we’re meeting up again the first Friday in February for more late night knitting.  I’m trying to be a better friend this year and actually spend time with my friends.  I haven’t been awesome at that the past couple of years. 

Late night knitting helped me make alot of progress on a little hat I was making for the bear.  I was able to finish it up while watching some Dollhouse on Saturday afternoon.  The bear modeled it for us this morning.  Doesn’t he look like a little longshoremen?  (Is that all one word?  I’m not sure).

Saturday was our usual swimming in the AM.  This kid loves the water.  It was touch and go when we first started up swimming again this winter, but after a few weeks when Indie finally realized that Frank the instructor was a person and not a sea monster and also that jumping in the pool is fun things have been fantastic ever since. 

The other thing that Indie has taken up in concerns to water is that he really enjoys “singing” in the bathtub.  It’s hilarious.  He also tries to do the hand motions to the itsy bitsy spider and he sings and does the motions with wheels on the bus now.  It’s too cute.  So far I haven’t been able to convince him to do it with the video camera rolling.

In other news, I’ve decided that spring cleaning is balls.  Why would I want to spend all spring cleaning?  So, I’ve decided to make to do winter cleaning.  Why not?  I’m cooped up inside anyways.  I started with our closet because it’s been driving me bananas!  First of all, I have taken about 6 bags of clothes to goodwill.  How sad is that?  Not to mention all the clothes that I sold at the yard sale last spring.  It’s really shocking how many clothes I had and how many I don’t actually wear.  I’ve decided to only buy quality items that I want moving forward. I’d rather have fewer nicer things than tons of things I don’t really like and won’t really wear.

I made this little item today for organizing my shoes in the closet and hopefully prevent them from getting smooshed, plus I can only have so many shoes since this is the space I have to fill.  By saying I made this, I really mean that I screwed in 8 screws to pre made holes. I still felt accomplished though.

Look at that cleaner closet. 

I also cleaned out the cabinet in my bathroom.  I had Flonase that expired in 2004 in there.  Ridiculous! Feel free to join me in my winter cleaning so you to can spend spring outside enjoying the weather when it’s nicer!


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One response to “Weekend Fun

  1. bernadette

    i think post christmas winter cleaning is a much better time than the spring. i agree….we’re inside now anyway so let’s organize. come spring it’s time to get outside. we did start 2011 with an organizational project…put flooring in the attic so we reorganized and made room for my flock of flamingos….so jazzed!!

    next project is that i really need to start painting…ugh!! it’s not that i don’t like to paint it’s just the getting started. so this needs to be my next focus on the interior of my house.

    love love love the hat!! oh that boy can wear a hat and watch out when he’s a teenager….gonna be break’n some hearts!!! so glad you are having some knitting time….good friends are such a joy!!

    tomorrow is suppose to be a winter storm…2 inches or so…big time in the south!!! which means no school or playschool for lena…which means my work schedule changes and lena and i have the whole day to make/do/create so….my thoughts are some cookie making… i would like to try to dehydrate some turkey soup for our backpacking this summer….and other messes i’m sure!!!

    happy organizing…what’s next on your list??
    by the way…i was just speechless with the beauty of your closet…almost cried!! 🙂

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