Farewell Holidays. Hello Spring? No net yet?

I’m declaring the holidays to be over (and wishing, wishing for spring. Only 3 more months of winter!) .  We had our last holiday related event last night, Falafel Christmas with Eric’s brother and sister in law.  But I realized that I didn’t share many christmas morning pictures with you all, so the first several are from christmas morning at our house and the last few are from very falafel christmas.  Enjoy!

p.s. putting bows on your head is a long standing Hoyt tradition.  Indie caught on and enjoyed the fun!  He was putting bows his head and on everyone else’s too!

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2 responses to “Farewell Holidays. Hello Spring? No net yet?

  1. LOOOVEEE your floor down in the basement! Looks great!! And Indie is the cutest ever! Why is he so big!?

  2. bernadette

    love the christmas pixs!! ho ho ho…seemed to be having a fine christmas time. i like the fact that you had christmas for a few days!!! and the boy is a natural hoyt! talked with gram tonight and she loved indies pix you sent and aunt sue just thinks he is the cutest! oh so glad indie’s pix were not shredded!!!

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