The Obligatory New Year’s Post

I did the review of 2010 and now it’s time to look forward to 2011.  The new year always brings such hope.  Hope that we can change, that life can be better, that after 2 years I’ll lose the baby weight, but hope is not a plan and a plan is what helps you follow through.  So this year there will be no hoping, no resolving, no list of goals without anything to support them, this year there will be a plan to go with each of those things.  So in fact there will be hoping, resolving and a list of goals, but only if there is some sort of supporting plan even if it’s just a rough outline.

Here’s the big picture of what we’re outlining for the year:

  • A year of happiness and fun.  To do the things we always say we should do that sometime and to actually follow through with them.
  • A year of health and activity.  Bye bye bad habits and hello hard work to get to new better habits.
  • A year of choosing to or choosing not to  instead of having to or looking back on should haves.  I don’t have to do things, I choose to do things.  If I choose not to do things, I accept what that means and I don’t look back and say I should have done something else instead.

Yeah it’s kind of broad, but that’s okay.  Broad goals/directions provide the necessary flexibility to actually obtain them when you consider that real life will happen.

What are your goals/directions or if you want to have resolutions for the new year?

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  1. bernadette

    my word from which i am approaching this year is “mindset”.

    how this came about was from all the 1/2 marathons, warrior dashes, Appalachian trail and all these challenges are very physical and need a specific mindset to achieve them.
    so i began to research, to train for each and thus began developing my mindset for the goals i would like to achieve this year.

    i am unable physically to achieve long runs or warrior dashes….i could totally get into the mindset of training/nutrition/time invested/and cute outfits… but physically it is too hard with the arthritis and disc problems. so after sorting out emotions ect……

    my question to myself was where do i want to put my energy…what is my mind set to do and my body able to achieve this year?? here is my resolution….
    1. begin to hike the appalachian trail. this is something rob and i have wanted to do. so with this in mind…i set out to research, plan, gather equipment ect.
    2. find a base camp over in the smokies…set up our camper and become a part of the land there.
    3. i love to garden. so i am developing raised beds and plan on composting and become a bit more organic with the process.
    4. plan on dehydrating garden goods ect so to bring on the trail with us.
    5. enjoying who i am and pursuing what i can do and enjoying the adventure called life!
    6. also…we are are working in knoxville to pay off the house asap….but living where ever the adventure takes us!!

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