Gifts for Teachers

I realized last night that I had not gotten something for Indie’s 2 teachers he has had this year in day care.  I didn’t want to leave the house to go shopping because well it’s only a few days before christmas so that would be a mess.  So I put together two quick little gift bags filled with delicious cake balls and decorated with some felt bird ornaments.

 First make some cake balls.  I need to put up some instructions on how to make these some day soon.  Basically these are cake pops without the stick.  I didn’t have time to do the whole cake pop craziness last night.  Anyways, these have chocolate cake on the inside and a mint chocolate shell.

 Then whip up a cute little bag to hold the cake balls.  I didnt have any little christmas bags around and once again, I did not want to leave the house.  So the fabric isn’t very christmassy, but I think it still works.  I made a little lining insert of wax paper for the cake balls.

 I followed this tutorial for a felt dove ornament from elsie marley’s blog.  I used regular old polyester felt squares from Joann’s instead of wool felt though.  Mainly because that’s what I had handy!  I feel like my birds are a little more peacockesque instead of dove since they’re blue, but I like them!

And the gifts are ready for Mr. Lori and Ms. Janice!


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One response to “Gifts for Teachers

  1. love the birds! and the balls:) yum! Lucky teachers:)

    ps…we’re a resourceful bunch aren’t we:)

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