Tutorial: Fabric Yo Yos

Fabric yo yos are one of my fave things to accessorize with.  I used them in making my first headband, i use them on hats and purses, etc. Some people make necklaces and such from these as well.  Though I’d share a little tutorial on how to make these.

Draw and cut a circle on your fabric.  You can use a glass or little plate or you could just free hand.  No need for perfection. 

Then you’re going to fold over a little hem around the circle and hand stitch all the way around.  No need to iron the hem, you can press with your fingers as you go. 

Just a close shot for you to see the stitching.

Once you have stitched all the way around, don’t tie off your thread yet.  Take the thread still attached to the needle and pull to gather the hem around the circle.


Here’s what the result of your gating will be.  Now tie off your thread.

Ta da! Pretty little yo yo to use in many creation!



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4 responses to “Tutorial: Fabric Yo Yos

  1. eeeee…pretty sure you were reading my mind today! Look what I was perusing on etsy… http://www.etsy.com/shop/yoyocottage?section_id=5173697

    I’m thinking I need to incorporate these in my new packaging for clients! Now I can maybe make one with your awesome tutorial:)

  2. purposefulchaos

    They’re sooooo easy to make! They should be easy peasy for you. Give me a call if you have questions. We can always skype a tutorial. 🙂

  3. bernadette

    so what are you making with yo yos now???

  4. green

    love the ideas

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