Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 13

Well, I was going to post about how this week would be the week I run 5K, but I already did it! what what!  So excited to have accomplished my goal and a little early.  I haven’t done an awesome job with keeping up with running since Thanksgiving, but decided today that I should go for it and run my 5K.  So, I did.  I finished in about 38 minutes.  I ran a variety of speeds.  Sometimes I ran 4.5 because I wanted it to be a bit more leisurely then I’d run for a while at 5.0 or even 6.0 when I thought ugh I don’t want to spend all day doing this! 

I’m moving my running related updates over to a new blog.  I’d like to keep this one more focused on Indie, crafting, food, our daily life.  I’m going to start training for the Madison half marathon in May so I’ll be keeping a “running” journal of my running adventures. (haha play on words!)

My new running blog:  See Lindsay Run



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3 responses to “Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 13

  1. bernadette

    great job linz…i’m working on my 5k. right now i am on 3.5-4mi. took 2days rest so tomorrow i go to the gym and rock it out! will check out the new blog!

  2. bernadette

    with this new blog is there a way to respond, interact ect??

  3. purposefulchaos

    Ew you’re right. I tried figuing out the comments and such, but no luck so I created another WordPress blog instead. I updated the link in the post, but here’s the link as well

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