Crafting Fun!

 Going to the craftacular today inspired me to get a bit creative this evening so I made a fabric headband.  I put together some fabric yo yos while watching Bones with the hubby.  We really enjoy hating Bones as well as David Boreanis together.  I put the rest of the headband together after he went to bed and I watched Weeds.  I’m on season 2.  I love this show (thanks mom for the recommendation!).


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One response to “Crafting Fun!

  1. bernadette

    weeds…it’s so addicting. can’t wait until the new season is on dvd/netflix or any other media device … cuz i’m jones’n!!

    love the headband!! looks quite craftspectacular on you!!

    i too crafted…made a writing board for beans like the one you made at brownies. do you think bear would enjoy a writing board and some crayons ect..???

    do enjoy your earrings 🙂

    alttle off the subject but are you training for the 1/2 marathon in madison?? if you are.. when is it and i may join you.

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