To Shanny, Happy 30th Birthday!

Today my big sis turned 30 so I thought we could take a little walk down memory lane and discuss a few memories and things she taught me.  Plus I had a blast digging through old photos. 

I think the thing that is highlighted in this first picture collage is that Shanny taught me that permed bangs are always a bad idea as well as bad 1990s shorts.  In the middle of the page you’ll notice that glorious 1980s style family picture which is a shining example of the perm bang.  Of course I’m wearing a Laura Ingels style dress with a red bow in my boy haircut so whatcha going to do.  She also taught me how to do handstands both on the beach and in the water.  I’m pretty sure we got sand fleas from that….

The final picture is Shanny teaching us the fine arts of using a computer (yes that’s Kyle and Kiera in that picture)

First picture here gives us a fine example of why we don’t mess with shanny when she’s tired…  It’s scary. The top right picture is from Shanny’s late high school gangsta rap like days.  The picture of Shanny and John is a fine showing of how Shanny has always and I’m pretty sure will always put all the bows from any occasion on her head.  The middle right picture is post college living in Nashville Shanny.  Bottom picture, is me and shanny at the most magical place on earth, Disney World, wearing ponchos because it rains wherever we go.  We had many camping trips that ended in everyone sitting in the middle of the tent trying not to touch the edges as it poured outside.

This last little collage is some of my fave pictures of me and Shanny.  First one on the left is a christmas morning picture.  Shanny is of course wearing bows on her head and I’m wearing a faux fur coat over my jammies.  The right top is at Shanny’s graduation from Penn State.  The middle picture is from one of our many halloween adventures.  Shanny is some sort of cloud and I’m clearly just insane. Bottom left is us from high school somewhere right before Shanny went off to college and I was a little over 16.  I know this because the only time I tied ridiculously long ribbons in my hair was when I worked at Subway.  Right bottom is us with  stuffed toy rats that my dad bought us draped over our heads.  I don’t know either…

On a more serious note, I’m so happy to have Shanny as my sister.  We have shared good times, bad times, happy times and crazy times. 

Happy happy birthday Shanny!!!



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3 responses to “To Shanny, Happy 30th Birthday!

  1. ah, i’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Hilarious! I love having you as a sister too!!!

  2. and seriously, what is up with the rats? lol

  3. bernadette

    oh so much fun!!!

    is that really john or scotty from the roost…he did hang with us one christmas morning.

    and yes…i wakey shanny in the morning!! if you do wear armor!


    oh linz thanks for the treat! what 2 wonderful daughters…

    happy birthday shannon and linz happy early birthday to you!! ps…my fav pix…the handstands!

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