Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 12

I missed my post for last week.  Mainly because I did nothing exercise related last week.  Which puts me behind a bit in my running program, but the overall goal was to run 5k by my birthday on Dec. 15, I think this is still doable with some tweaks to the program.  I should have just run 28 minutes for 3 days this week, but for the first two days of the week I’m going to add in two days of running 25 minutes.

Day 1:

Run 25 minutes

Day 2:

Run 25 minutes

Day 3:

Run 28 minutes

Day 4:

Run 28 minutes

Day 5:

Run 28 minutes

As part of my attempt to defeat this baby weight.  Up to this point I’ve been kind of trying to eat better, but nothing too serious.  Since  the vast majority of our holiday celebrations are over, I feel like I can really start to focus on eating better.  My biggest issue when I’m in town is lunch at work.  We have an amazing cafeteria, but it’s full of temptations and I just can’t take it.  Plus like one piece of their pie may have 1700 calories, that’s ridiculous!  So for this week I roasted some brussel sprouts, squash, parsnips, onions and garlic and made some quinoa.  And I have clementines for dessert.  We’ll see how it goes!


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One response to “Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 12

  1. bernadette

    so i need to ask….what is quinoa??

    i started this 1/2marathon training…and i am quite sore but still willing to continue!!

    good luck staying away from the cafeteria goodies…remember those boots are calling your name!!

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