Holiday Treats

Snowmen cake pops.  I have some funny pictures of scary looking snowmen cake pops for another time!

 Yes, that is a tiny christmas tree covered in sprinkles positioned atop a cupcake with fondant presents.  I have problems, but I had fun making them!

 I forgot to take pictures of the rest of my normal food with the exception of the tahini sauce.  Eric went out to buy a deep fryer for the falafel.  AMAZING!

 Okay, he’s not a food treat, but he is a treat. 🙂  Look at how handsome he is!

He is just getting so grown up I can hardly stand it.

So, that’s about all I’m going to post about holiday cocktail party, with the exception of I will do a post about what I wore.  I forgot to take a picture that night, but I will in put it on again and take a pictures.  The party was fun and I enjoyed everyone who was there.  But overall it’s just never what I want it to be and it kind of kills the holiday spirit for me, but I’ve decided to stop moping about it and figure out how the three of us can enjoy the holidays in the next couple of weeks!



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2 responses to “Holiday Treats

  1. bernadette

    first…that indie is a really handsome boy! darling!

    second…love the tiny food. yes you have a serious problem for creating cute food…but we so love you for it!!! well done my friend! not quite sure i would have the patience nor the ability.

    third…so sorry. i know you love doing, creating and anticipating for this event.

    fourth…look forward to the pix of your outfit. merry christmas and happy birthday soon!!!!

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