Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 9

Still chugging along here. 

Good News:

*I can actually zip up my hawaii dress from anthropologie.  Still not fitting how I want it to, but we’ll take the little victory that i can technically wear it

*I ran 5 minutes straight.  woohoo! So I probably haven’t done that since i was a small child and wasn’t thinking about the fact that I was running

*I bought some skinny legged pants in one size smaller than i would have 2 weeks ago.  yay!  still a little snug, but something to work towards and I think you should wear skinny jeans a bit snug.

*I’m feeling extra motivated right now to really do some serious damage to this baby weight!

Areas that weren’t so awesome:

*I really got depressed over my shake/cleanse diet.  Mostly because i think i’m a foodie and i was really sad to not go to the grocery store and look at all the possibilities.  Silly I know.  So I’m modifying it to have a shake for breakfast, I have to choose a healthy lunch or I have to have a shake and a healthy dinner.  Seams like that will keep me more in line.  I am however going to stick with the cleanse days and I might switch up the 30 day program to be several 9 day programs for me. 

*I ate pizza two nights this week.  That’s not okay and must be stopped.

Okay here’s the running plan for this week:

Day 1:

Brisk 5 minute warm up then:

Jog 5 minutes

Walk 3 minutes

Jog 5 minutes

Walk 3 minutes

Jog 5 minutes

Day 2:

Brisk 5 minute warm up then:

Jog 8 minutes

Walk 5 minutes

Jog 8 minutes

Day 3:

Brisk 5 minute warm up and then jog 20 minutes, no walking

On my, this week is going to be rough!  I’m going to try working out in the evening to see if that helps with me being so sleepy and to see if it improves my endurance.  Sometimes the lungs just aren’t ready to go for a run at 5 AM.

In other news, it’s a travel week.  I plan to do what I did last travel week which was to go to the grocery store and only go out to eat on one night.  I’m going to choose Thursday night since i don’t get to travel home until Friday AM, thought I’d spend some socializing time on Thursday.  I brought my new skinny pants along in hopes that they fit better by Friday.



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2 responses to “Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 9

  1. bernadette

    very good linz with the hawaii dress zipping already and skinny jeans…go go go! i think if you can choose what you eat one meal a day that will satisfy your foodie need. i eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday so i don’t have to think about it and dinner is my creative/foodie meal cuz it just like to be in the kitchen or eating some good food in a restaurant!

    would you be interested in some gym time next week?? would eric enjoy some gym time??

    live well…eat healthy and think mudpie!!

  2. purposefulchaos

    I would for sure love some gym time next week! It will help us negate the ill effects of thanksgiving feasting.

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