I <3 Micro Pigs

This should be filed under reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed on the interwebs unsupervised.  So I love pigs.  I think they’re just the cutest things ever.  I try to keep this to myself so many of you who know me may not know that.  I get especially excited when the cute animal blogs I like to go to (yes I am one of those people) have piggies on them.  Anyways, this all started today because I was horrified by SouleMama’s post about the fact that they bought pigs and intend to eat them later.  I just couldn’t deal with that because the piggies are so cute and I am becoming a crazy vegetarian.  Also, I blame it on overexposure to Babe and Wilbur. Somehow this brought me to looking up micro pigs.  They’re very popular in britain.  I love them!  No more dogs for me.  After The Cheat, I want a piggie!


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