My Little Odd Bird

Eric and I were discussing last night how amazingly cute, smart, and happy our little man is and then we also realized he’s quite an odd little bird.  Eric and I are both odd birds ourselves, so this isn’t shocking. Here are some fun Indie stories for you:

As I wrote about previously, Indie has been the victim of the biter at day care for several weeks now.  Poor little man has been bitten about 5 times.  Good thing this other kid isn’t a vampire or we’d be in trouble.  Yesterday the day care owner told us a little story about Indie.  Apparently Indie is also a bit fed up with the biting.  However, he is not biting back or hitting instead when he saw the biter and the biter started to walk towards him, Indie just put his little arm out with his hand in a nuh uh you better not bite me position.  He was all listen fool I am sick of this biting so you just stay an arm’s length away from me.  He probably stared the biter down with those shark eyes of his too.

Indie has decided that there are certain things he wants at certain times now.  He’s been really excited about dinner time lately.  Mostly because he’s growing like a little weed.  so Eric made dinner for himself last night and Indie saw him bring over to the table and was like YES! food!  Climbed up into his little chair and was like I’m ready, I’m ready for the food.   So then I quickly had to make him food. 🙂  We were not ready for the food. 

Indie put himself to bed last night.  It was only 6:40 and I looked down the hall and there was Indie hanging around outside his door.  I opened his room and in he went and tried to climb into the crib.  So we got all ready for bed and I put him in the crib and tried to read him a story, but he laid down, turned away from me and put a blanket over his head.  Mommy can take a hint….

Then for a story about the picture at the top of this post.  Indie adores blankets.  He doesn’t have one specific blanket, he likes them all.  He doesn’t have to carry them around with him, but if one is in his vicinity, he will snuggle it.  Every time I wear a scarf, he steals it.  He likes the idea that I get to wear a little blanket draped around my neck.  He’s all look at all that perfect snuggling, I need in on this action!  So, I took him to Joann’s and we picked out some yarn.  The yarn I used is so super soft and snuggly.  He held onto the yarn like his life depended on it.  All the ladies at Joann’s appreciated that I was teaching my son an appreciation of yarn early on.  So now he has a scarf and he does enjoy snuggling it.

That’s all for now on Indie stories!  I’m sure I’ll have more in the future. 🙂


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  1. bernadette

    those eyes in the pic tell it all!!! he is very content with the snuggles of a scarf….he is so darn cute!!

    good for him with the biter….we need to teach him to put arm out and say no no no.

    omg….we were discussing the bed thing some and look at him taking it on. he is his own person!!

    i am so glad to be coming up again soon…could always use some more snuggles from my indie bear!

    thanks for the indie update and the pix

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