Fall Fun: The Pumpkin Patch

While my mom was here over the weekend (to kindly babysit the little bear while Eric and I attended a wedding), we went for a bit of fall fun on Sunday morning (after I had recovered from wedding fun).  We hit up the pumpkin patch.  I had also hoped there would still be some apple picking, but alas that was over in September so I had to settle for getting apples from the little store.  They’re still delicious!

Indie carried around all the little pumpkins he could carry.  It was a good time.

What do you mean pumpkins aren’t for climbing on?

Then Indie tried out all the different modes of transportation.  His favourite was the tractor, but no pictures of that since it was moving and we spent our energy there trying not to let him get run over.  This kid is obsessed with anything on wheels.

This face is hilarious.

Oh no, the pumpkins are invading my personal space!  Whatever shall I do?

Indie was fascinated/horrified by the big wheelbarrow.  Mom put him in there and there were tears, but he kept going back over.  Strange little bear.



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3 responses to “Fall Fun: The Pumpkin Patch

  1. bernadette

    first…love the new look!!

    second…had so much fun with you guys this weekend. i am so glad to be coming up again for halloween!

    third…(decided to be organized in my commenting this am…must be the new sinus meds!!) indie’s method of pumpkin picking:
    run over to the field….
    grab the pumpkin with your two hands…
    twist and turn the pumpkin several times
    pick it up and drop it…
    if it doesn’t break then it’s a keeper!

    fourth…he is the cutest boy ever…loved the pics!

  2. bernadette

    ps….regarding the new look. very artsy of you…these are your apples, your green walls and your table….correct??

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