Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 4

woops one day behind, forgot to post yesterday!

I am four small pounds away from my first goal of 15 pounds and purchasing beautiful boots!

This week I’m still focusing on developing a good exercise habit as well as trying to replace bad food decisions with good food decisions.  Not doing too bad on the food.  Exercising is still challenging.  I’m really good at finding excuses not to.

Hopefully next Monday I’ll be a few pounds closer to the boots!



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2 responses to “Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 4

  1. yay! Good for you!! I’m down 8 pounds so far…well on our way to looking hot while we’re shopping on black friday:)

  2. bernadette

    hope your mother hanging out with you this weekend wasn’t too much of a problem ….

    just think girls…black friday always has good clothes ect…sales!!

    keep up the good work!

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