Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – A Review

Last night Eric and I decided to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  I had my doubts, I won’t lie.  But I LOVED it!!  It’s so amazing!  If you haven’t seen this movie, you should watch it in the very new future.  It was legitimately funny.  This movie was imaginative and fun.  The jokes actually worked and the sidekick monkey was appropriately used.  It was entertaining from beginning to end.  Plus it had Mr. T, Bill Hader, Anna Farris and Bruce Campbell.  In other words, casting was good!

I obviously did not watch this in 3D so I have no opinions on that piece of it.  Also, I’ve decided I don’t belive in 3D.  Clearly the technology is lacking if I have to wear stupid glasses.  Plus the “new kind of 3D” is like staring at one of those magic eye posters from 1995.  I was never very good at pulling the pictures out of those and the “new kind of 3D” makes me have to work very hard to get the effect therefore cutting into some relaxing sittin’ around time for me.

And that’s my movie review.  Mostly not helpful except that I loved this movie which since I’m fairly self-centered, egotistical and obnoxious means that I think you should also love this movie or clearly you are stupid. 🙂  Maybe Eric can write something better in the comments….


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