My poor little bear has been bit two days in a row at daycare.  I am assured he received much love and many snuggles.  I’m sure he did as he can be a bit over dramatic.  I’m pretty sure he gets that from me.  I suppose it’s all part of growing up to get bitten once or twice.  Someone needs to tell the tale of my sister and her one time bite to prevent that kiddo from biting anymore.

I feel as though I should share this infamous story as it has prevented any additional biting from children in our family.  Mom and Shannon – feel free to correct any details I have messed up and any details I embellish for the comedy.  Sometimes it’s necessary for the comedy. When my sister was little, probably like 2 or so, my parents were attending an event and brought her along.  That was probably their first mistake, she was a bit high maintenance.  I imagine in my mind that my parents were probably at some party with their friends.  One thing I have realized now that I have a child is that there were times in my childhood that I remember my parents having gathering and I think I thought they were so old and grown up and now I think oh Indie will remember us having gathering and he’ll think that we’re old and grown up, but me and all my friends aren’t really that grown up or old (well most of us aren’t old) so I guess my parents really weren’t either.  Anyways, back to the story. So at said event my sister walked up to my dad and bit him on his inner thigh.  He then proceeded to just react.  Which was to pick her up, throw her in a chair and say loudly “don’t you ever, ever do that again!”  My dad can be a bit scary so as we all imagined what it would have been like to be her, no one else bit anyone ever again.

So what I’m saying is that the cure to small children biting is my dad to scare them or you could scare them a bit yourself. 🙂



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4 responses to “Biters

  1. lol! I think it was in the living room though…not at a party. And I’m so not high maintenance;)

  2. bernadette

    your story is correct….your dad is worried that he may now be picked up for abuse 😉 ….but you never did bite because you heard the story!!

    and as for this biter … ask the daycare if i can come do story time when i come next week and the problem will be solved 🙂

    tell indie….biters always get what’s coming to them!

  3. rob

    too bad we live in such an enlightened world where you have to reason with your children instead of throwing them across the room – guess you just have to put up with the biting

  4. bernadette

    no it was at a party…

    we were at the hogan’s house… at a bbq….your dad did throw you on a big over sized arm chair…it was soft! (ps…hogan’s ranch is were we got mags our black lab) are not really high maintenance…just you were the first and as the dead say ..the first days are the hardest but don’t worry any more. and linz was a quick learner…she was just a few months old at this bbq and she did remember the music to the movie, “close encounter”, when she saw it at the drive in at 6mos old!! (shhhh…she is special y’know 😉 shhhhhh)

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