Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 2

So I met my goal for last week. Yay! But I also realized something else, my week by week goals right now shouldn’t be loose 2 pounds or any number of pounds.  Right now I should focus on habits that enforce weight loss.  As long as I practice those habits I can be assured I’m working in the right direction.  The scale is a fickle thing and I’m not sure I feel like it should be the true measure my success right now.

I am getting better at the eating right thing.  Although I did have Indian food this week and go to Oktoberfest, but I managed to enjoy both of those things in much better moderation than I have practiced in the past.  Which brings me to this weeks goal of do some sort of exercise 30 minutes a day.  Really I’m just going to work on getting into the habit at this point.  No other greater goal, just move intentionally for exercise 30 minutes a day.  So far already a check for today as I worked out first thing this morning.

A funny Indie story for you all:

Yesterday he and I went to target and I tried to convince him that he wanted to have me purchase one of several toys, but he just wasn’t that interested in them.  Until I found these little squishy balls that had animal faces and he LOVED them.  So when we got home, he spent the rest of the day playing with them.  First he threw them on the kitchen floor and said wow repeatedly.  Then Eric through them down the hall and Indie would run and get them and bring them back.  Okay so yes we play fetch with our kid.  But then the crowning achievement of the day was that Indie discovered that he could hold the squishy balls with his toes (he’s been trying to hold everything with his toes and feet lately) and then try to walk on them.  hilarious! 


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One response to “Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 2

  1. bernadette

    congrats on the wt loss.

    good luck on your new goal this week. exercise is very helpful.

    oh that indie is too funny with trying to hold everything with his toes!!

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