Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 1

I didn’t want to take the time to come up with a cutesy Monday title, so feel free anyone who has any suggestions send them my way.  Anyways, the idea here is that on Mondays I’m going to post my weight loss progress.  I’ve finally decided to get 100% serious about it.  Mostly because I’m jealous of Eric’s weight loss and we’re either fatties together or we get hot together, I can’t handle being the fattie in the relationship, unless I’m pregnant. Although I’m pretty sure I learned my let yourself get kind of or very fat when you’re pregnant lesson.

So, this is where I will confess weekly either how good I did or how terribly I did and set a goal for the week.  My first short-term goal is to lose 15 pounds and then I will buy myself a present of the most beautiful boots that Anthropologie has ever made.  I really want these boots and would like to get them soon so that they don’t sell out.  Talk about motivation!

Good news is I really started this last week and I lost 5 pounds so yay 1/3 of the way there!  My goal for this week is to lose 2 pounds.  I’m not getting too hopeful in the beginning so I don’t get too disappointed.  I’ve been going up and down with this initial 10 pounds for the past year and a half, but then again I wasn’t actually trying so hard then.  I was complaining, why am I not losing any weight?  It can’t possibly be this half of a pizza I’m eating.

What’s my plan you may ask?  What will I do to make sure I don’t fall back into eating pizza all the time.  I think it helps that both Eric and I are committed to this.  What we’re really working towards right now is our vacation to Hawaii in Februaryish timeframe.  We want to feel better about ourselves going on that vacation.  We probably won’t be where we ultimately want to be, but we also won’t feel like sea cows so that will be positive.

Also, being vegetarian has really made me think about what I’m eating.  Particularly as someone who travels for work, it means I have to stop and consider what I might be ordering off of a menu.  It also limits my choices significantly and I find that I definitely don’t do fast food very often.  I’m also more conscious of alternatives to restaurants, like a fridge in my room with fresh fruit, veggies and greek yogurt.  yum!

Another thing that I’m trying right now is to make exercise and moving part of my daily routine.  And not just in a make sure I get a half hour to an hour in way, but in a hey do I really need to hop in the car to do that way?

Hope you all have a happy and successful week!  Wish me luck!



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3 responses to “Lindsay vs Baby Weight Week 1

  1. bernadette

    yes…eric had done a great job losing weight and i don’t blame you for wanting to get on board….and you have already lost some weight …and you have a plan that is attainable and good for the long run in weight maintenance!

    you can do this….

    ps…good luck and those boots are going to look great on ya!!

  2. dude…I’m emailing you:) I start on the 27th with my life changing. yep, have to wait until then because I have back to back weddings until then and I can’t kid myself with weddings and traveling…:)

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