A day at the park

I so very much enjoyed my extra days off from work.  We did some work, but we also spent quite a bit of time relaxing. It also happened that all three days were basically the best type of weather, sunny around 74ish with a breeze.  Glorious!  So we took a few walks with the cheat and we walked over to pick Indie up from day care together.  It was quite lovely. We also commented on the fact that we hadn’t spent time together just the two of us like that in quite a while. And by a while I mean since I was pregnant. That’s basically because we can barely stand the thought of not having the cutest sweetest little boy around constantly so we can pick him up and squeeze him and say you’re just the cutest thing ever.

We took the baby bear to park one afternoon after school or day care rather, we just call it school.

Up the stairs to the big slide!

Down the slide he goes!

Climbing up to a not as big slide.

And down the slide again.  It’s like he forgot for a few weeks how much he loves slides and then remembered his love of slides on this day.

Pretending to be a big boy trying to swing on the big boy swing.  too cute!  He also kept trying to run after the middle schoolers who were practicing soccer at the soccer field that is attached to the park.  Not quite yet, mister, not quite.



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3 responses to “A day at the park

  1. bernadette

    it’s amazing how big he is getting…and cuter by the day!

  2. Love this! So glad you guys got some family fun time and alone time:)

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