Home Improvement Fun

In between spending too much time and money shopping and going to the movies to see Resident Evil in 3D (I’ll do another post on my thoughts and feelings about 3D), we’ve spent the past few days starting a new home improvement project.  This time we’re actually doing it ourselves.  I know, I’m proud of us too!  Since the day we looked at our house and decided to buy it, we’ve said “yeah, but we need to get that ugly blue carpet out of the basement.” Well, we’re finally doing it!

 Here are some before pictures with the ugly blue carpet.  Don’t mind the mess around the room.  I’d like to say that is just because we’re doing a project, but my mother would call me on it and say no ma’am your basement is just messing.

 Here’s the other side of the room.  We’re getting rid of that random stupid banister as well since it really make no sense.

After most of the carpet has been ripped up.  This room used to be the garage and long before we bought the house someone remodeled it into a giant room.  That has been part of the issue with redoing the room is that it’s about 500 square feet so not really a small space to redo.  I’m pretty sure that was like the size of my first apartment in Madison.

We’ll keep you up to date on our home improvement fun!  We have some other projects planned as well.  It’s a matter of a good time to do them since it will be winter in Wisconsin soon enough.  I know that sounds probably ridiculous to say since we have a month or two before then, but Eric and I spend quite a bit of time in the planning phase of the project.



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2 responses to “Home Improvement Fun

  1. bernadette

    hey…your basement is cleaner than your room as a teenager…so i am happy and hey, that is where my grandtelly lives…i love the basement!!

    but i will love it even more once the new flooring is down…very awesome…and doing it yourselves….aren’t you the diy-ers!

    can’t wait to see you guys in october!! oh and indie will love the new floor for his quad!

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