Saturday Stories

First of all, here is a picture of the little man last September.  Look at how fat those little cheeks are!

Here’s the little man this September.  Oh what a difference a year makes!

We had a very fun day together today.  First we had drinks with some of our favourite people!  Nothing like breakfast drinks to start the day off right.  Indie ate the orange from my mimosa and a pickle which Libby nicely brought from the bloody mary bar. 

Indie was a very sweet and very tired little boy today.  But he was also very funny when he got up from his nap.

Indie invented a new game for himself called walk around with a blanket over your head and run into things.  Not sure why this is so amusing, but he proceeded with the game for quite some time.

Note the little quad in the background which Pops bought for Indie. He LOVES it!  Probably his favourite thing in the whole house.

I think maybe he’s just practicing being a ghosty for halloween possibly?

Then Indie decided to do some fashion styling of his own.  We’re not really sure how he got his shirt like this, but it’s quite hilarious.  He didn’t seem to mind at all and spent quite a bit of time wearing his shirt like this.

Crazy shirt fashion accessorized by the blanket.  He has quite the fashion sense.

A little intense baby stare for you.

My two favourite boys in the whole world.  Look how cute they are!  I am so incredibly happy to be home with them.  I am also so happy to have Monday with them as well! More stories to come this weekend!



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2 responses to “Saturday Stories

  1. bernadette

    omg…..the blanket over the head thing is hysterical! and how brilliant to use it as an accessory…that boy, and his shark like stares!

    he does love his quad….vroom vroom!

    only in wisconsin does a saturday start with morning drinks 🙂

  2. Eric

    The funny thing is that his cheeks are just as much fun to pinch now as they were then.

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