No work day

I have declared today a no work day.  I’ve been doing basically nothing but work  since I returned from vacation.  Then on Friday I leave for literally two straight weeks of work so taking a day.  It was an amazing day to choose for no work day because it’s sunny, no humidity, and 79 degrees with a nice breeze.  I swear I can feel just tiniest bit of fall coolness in the breeze.

Of course, here are your Indie updates.  It’s been a big week for him. 

We turned Indie’s highchair into a booster chair so he can sit at the table like a big boy.  Mostly this is because I’m sick of him throwing everything off the side of the tray. 

oh so exciting getting to sit at the table.

We finally found what I consider to be a close to perfect sippy cup.  It has a straw that can’t be removed by a crazy baby, no leaking and Indie LOVES it.   Yay no puddles of milk on our carpet.

Eric put up shelves in Indie’s room.  yay!  Shanny and the beans made Indie the little Indie blocks and Pops made the little dinosaur puzzle.

Here’s our little daredevil.  Oh that kiddo.  Please excuse the messy shelf.

Indie has taken to sitting in the chairs at the living room table.  He likes to pretend play on the computer just like dad and mom.  it’s soooo cute!

Here’s a picture from Indie’s first day at day care.  He has really been enjoying himself there.  First day he had a few little spurts of crying, but mostly went well.  Friday went very well except they did note that he does not like to hear the word no and we said oh we are very aware.  So, hoping that this all works out for us. Next week is his first full week.

I leave you with pictures of the sleepiest baby that there ever was.

Look at that little face.  love him love him love him!


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One response to “No work day

  1. bernadette

    good for you taking the day off!! oh that indie is just so darling…i am looking forward to him coming to nana and pops house! sorry you are working so much but that does mean we get to see and spoil that indie bear! wow is he growing…won’t be too long before he is outgrown his crib….hope the pack and play holds him!!

    have a great week!!

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