Weekend Fun(ish)

I suppose we’ll call this post weekend fun.  Although, I will state for the record that I’m having a hard time having fun right now.  Works a bit crazy, I’m trying to manage my way through it the best I can.  I just have to keep telling myself, it will be over before labor day.  Just get to labor day.  Then you get some rest, relax a bit and September will be okay because you really can’t travel that much during September, thank you very much massive work event that keeps us all in town.

Sorry for the brief mental break, we’re back for Indie stories from the weekend.

This kid is so obsessed with my cell phone.  I mean he does have a lot of really important baby business calls to make so I let him use it.  Not sure who he’s talking to on the other end of the line, but it must be important because of the fits he throws when he cannot have the cell phone.  No, he’s not spoiled at all.  Oh look at that little face that you can tell is full of monkey shines!

This picture is just for nana!  Eric and I joked about how horrified Nana might be if she saw the little man just perched on the arm of the couch. Sorry mom!  Don’t worry, he’s very agile and is good at navigating the many ways of getting on and off the couch.  Oh and still multi tasking by making his baby business calls.

Sitting like a big boy!  This didn’t last long, but occassionally he will just sit on the couch like he’s a little grown up.  It’s so cute!

Here we are in the kitchen! We had to say this a million times this weekend “Indie please stay out of the cabinets.”  Probably one of the most used phrases in our house.  Indie LOVES the kitchen and the cabinets.  He’s pretty sure that all the cabinets are little storage spots for him to put toys.

Other Indie stories from this weekend:

That kid loves vegetables.  When I get my box from our CSA farm every other Saturday, he has taken to digging through the produce and picking out something that looks interesting to him and trying it.  A couple of weeks ago it was onions.  This week it was little cherry tomatoes that were really tart.  He was on board.  However, I was not on board with him stealing them and eating them whole (well he would bite them in half, but still).  Choking hazard seemed to great.  So i cut them into fourths.  Then he proceeded to eating around 10 of them.

The bear is finally getting more teeth in.  He has two new ones in the bottom front.  Then I discovered the true source of his crankyness on Saturday afternoon when he was having a rather large and dramatic cry.  At least 1 back moler is coming in.  By Sunday AM, it was through and we have a little moler on the back bottom right.   I’m not sure if there’s more coming in, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  He’s still such a good baby and sleeps all night even with the teething.

The bear has been well quite a bear lately and a bit difficult to get along with.  With working so much lately, I get really bad mom guilt for being any amount of frustrated with him on the weekend, but this time will pass soon enough and I’m sure I’ll miss the times when he was working so hard to become his own little person.  He is a very independent baby.  Probably what we get for calling him Indie…

In non Indie related stories, the bonus item in my CSA box this week was pickling cucumbers and dill.  So exciting!  I made up some refrigerator pickles.  So quick and so easy!  Trust me, if I have time for refrigerator pickles, so do you!  Here’s the link to my recipe that I used.



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3 responses to “Weekend Fun(ish)

  1. bernadette

    i can’t wait till indie can call nana!!! that boy has alot of john benson in him!!! oh him sitting on the couch like a big boy is just too cute. i do have some planning going on for when the boys come…the splash pad…some pool time at nana’s…fountain city park with the creek running thru it!! oh for the older boy…pres pub and the beer garden and fun times playing rummy 😉 thanks for the update lina…hang in there and remember to do at least one thing (even if just a small thing) to make you smile every day!!

  2. bernadette

    ps…the lina is to be linz!!! it’s getting late and i can pull a pudding with the best of them!!!

  3. bernadette

    btw…the pickles look fabulous!!!

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