It’s time to get serious

about being healthier.

I live quite an unhealthy lifestyle.  I work too much, don’t sleep enough, eat high calorie food and always have a reason not to work out. I’ve made a few healthier choices lately such as signing up and going to boot camp (though I skipped this Monday thanks to my 85 hour work week last week, just couldn’t do it) and going vegetarian.  However, I still eat way too much pizza and other unhealthy food.

This may seem like a bad time to choose to be healthier.  I’m in an extremely busy work period and I’m not going to be at home much until September. And in the past I probably would have just given in to the situation, said sad for me and eaten alot of ice cream.  But I realize the best thing I can do for myself to get through this crazy time is to be as healthy as possible.

Here’s the list of excuses to not be healthy that I’m sure I’ll still try and make, but I won’t let them keep me down anymore:

1. I just had a baby so no wondering I’m still pudgy.  Um, I had a baby almost 17 months ago now… I just don’t think that counts as an excuse anymore….

2. I’m just sooooooooooo busy I can’t work out.  Trust me the amount of time I spend reading blogs, I have a half hour to work out.

3. I don’t have enough endurance to get in a good workout.  Okay so even if I walk at a slow pace, it’s still better than nothing.  Plus as mentioned in point 1, I had a baby and did mostly fine, pretty sure that means I can push myself to work harder for a half hour.  I do just find pushing myself at boot camp….

4. I’m just not in the mood for healthy food.  Well, duh everyone would prefer to eat cheesecake all the time, but it’s just not a sustainable lifestyle.  Actually usually I don’t feel like I’m in the mood for any food… It’s weird.

5. It’s just easier to order a pizza and I’ve worked so hard this week.  Trust me Lindsay, you will feel much better if you spend 10 minutes getting something healthy from the store… You just will, don’t argue with yourself!

I need a good plan though.  The best intentions are ruined without a well thought out plan. So, here is how I intend to meet these goals:

1. Attend boot camp whenever I am in town.  No more skipping Mondays.

2. Track my calories in – even if I go over my target calories, it’s still best to be aware of how much I’m eating.

3.  Exercise for a half hour every day that I’m onsite.  Doesn’t even need to be at the workout room, can just do yoga in my hotel room, but I must move for a half hour every day.

4. Do 30 Day Shred on Friday mornings.

5. Try as much as possible to go grocery shopping when onsite and not go out to eat.  I have a fridge, freezer and microwave.  There’s no reason I couldn’t be eating better.

Well, we’ll see how it goes.  I just have to keep in mind that I want to go to Hawaii in February and I want to be what I like to call Hawaii thin.



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4 responses to “It’s time to get serious

  1. Emily

    I find it helps to make out a meal plan for the entire week, do grocery shopping on Sunday night, use Monday night to prep what I can so it’s ready for the week and give myself one easy night a week (like pasta and steamed veggies – low prep, cook time and minimal dishes). Another thing that works for me – a little bit of dressing with fresh veggies is still better than pizza 🙂 I wish you well on your noble endeavor!

  2. Ah, boot camp you brave brave woman!

  3. bernadette

    lean cuisines are not a bad fast option while working. microwave….tasty and fairly healthy. there are already chopped up vegs and fruits. i always allow one day a week for my pizza/dessert day….used to be sundays but now it’s my night i go rescue your dad at the brewery!!! and hate to say it but exercise is key…sorry …it’s just so! but i’m not quite sure i could do boot camp…so rock on linz!

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